Working It

buynow Sexual Expression Book 2


Everybody’s working it, grinding away at the 9 to 5, when what we really want to do is take a hot tumble on the boss’ desk. Let this sexy collection whisk you away from the daily grind of the workaday world and into sixteen stories that explore sex where you least expect it. Wink at that sexy security guard, get revved up for a conference tryst and let love break down the language barrier with a new co-worker. Will you succumb to the casual charm of your new client? Tip over the edge for your warehouse trainee. Get your long-awaited revenge on that supervisor who made your life hell. White collar or blue collar – it just doesn’t matter once the shirts come off. Leave the doublespeak and corporate frat boys behind, and find your bliss in Working It.

Authors: AJ Fyler, CM Peters, Jean Roberta, KP, Sonni de Soto, Cyn Heaven, M. Marie, Annabeth Leong, Harley Easton, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Cela Winter, Terri Ley, Rebecca Chase, Heather Day, James S. Davie, and Jordan Monroe