Sexy and romantic stories that inspire us, move us, and have a core in sex/body-positivity. We want strong characters that aren’t afraid to shake us up and make us think twice about our beliefs. We want superheroes that kick ass when faced with consent violators. Tantrica Goddesses healing their patients with sexual energy. The dorky boss that realizes he’s been suppressing his desires to be a Dom, in control of a little slut. Give us a female Daddy. Worlds where all gender is fluid. A functioning and healthy poly romance. Whether there is a supernatural element or not, we want barrier breakers.

While not all stories we’re seeking need to include trauma, main characters that use sex-positive means of healing or characters that overcome trauma in some way are a plus. We want diverse characters with all body types, genders, and sexual tastes. Mixed genres are fine as long as there the main character meets the above guidelines.

Proper consent is vital. This means fictional characters must have/give informed and enthusiastic consent. 

Please, no rape, incest, or bestiality. No fanfic.
** We will consider reprints on a case by case basis.


Sexy, erotic and/or romantic stories with any of the following: BDSM, non-traditional relationships, LGBTQ characters, body positivity, sex positivity, healthy relationships and characters with agency, romantic connections that illustrate good communication and healthy boundaries. Characters that overcome toxic masculinity, sexual/body shaming, feminism shaming, or sexual trauma. Most of all, stories that teach proper consent and communication.


Books on kink, BDSM, fetishes, non-traditional relationships, consent, LGBTQ, overcoming toxic masculinity, loving your body (no matter size, gender, or ability), and owning sexuality. PTSD and healing through sexuality or kink is a plus. Pitch us your topic and send us an outline along with a sample chapter.

FORMATTING &  GUIDELINES: (video by Jill Williamson)

Unless otherwise noted, guidelines are as follows:

Word doc or docx

12pt font, Times New Roman

double-spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs

one inch margins with indents (please don’t use tab, indent half an inch)

one space between sentences

lengths may vary on nonfiction

fiction anthology submission 3000-7000 words

fiction novella submissions 20k-40k 

fiction novels 80k-100k 


Payments made twice yearly (every six months). Royalties on all fiction and nonfiction are as follows:

novels – 50% of net royalties

novelettes – 50% of net royalties

nonfiction – 50% of net royalties

anthologies – pay varies, flat rate payments


Submissions can be made using our submissions form.