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Hello Sexy Little Pages authors and editors!

Anna of SLP has published many talented authors and provided good content to readers. When I learned that SLP was closing, I offered to take on as many of her books as I could for a couple of reasons. One, she’s put a ton of hard work into these books and so have the authors and editors. The second reason is that getting published isn’t hard and we want to keep the books in print for as long as possible.

Our solution was to work together to pass the books to SinCyr. Our payment rates are pretty similar. For editors, I’ll provide that separately, but for authors, payments range from 50% net to 60% net royalties (split between authors for anthologies) depending on what is being published. Royalty statements and payment of thresholds above $10 are provided via PayPal (or another means if necessary) every six months.

For exclusive rights, that will only apply to the works in progress and those range from 12-18 months from publish date. After that time, it’s non-exclusive rights. For the books already in print, I’m only asking for non-exclusive rights. This means you can still sell the story elsewhere too.

For more, here is the FAQ page:

To make these books work, we’ll need to have the editors and most of the authors signing off on the move. The covers will be updated and some will get new covers, but we do need the majority of folks to agree to the move in order to make this work. Until I have the majority sign off, I won’t be sending out contracts. So if we don’t get enough, don’t worry, you won’t be locked into anything.

In cases where the editor hasn’t signed off or is unable to sign off, I will open a similar call to the subject matter and I can include the stories of those that want to take part. These would have new book titles and covers as they are an entirely different book, just similar content.

If anyone has any questions, please email me at

I look forward to working with you!

Best, Sienna