Open Calls


Open call for Queers in Kilts

Yes, you read that right! We’re looking for romantic stories with queer identifying characters in kilts! We want well-written stories with good plots, healthy relationships, and engaging characters. If there are sexual scenes, there must be clear consent. Otherwise, this is a fairly open anthology. As long as there is romance, kilts, and queers!

Submission Guidelines:

  • 12pt font, Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced, no extra line between paragraphs
  • Do not hit the “tab” key to indent paragraphs. Use Word’s margins/ruler to indent.
  • Send in Word doc or rtf. Word is preferred.

Genre: Romance (some sex okay but this is not erotica) HEA or HFN

Pairing: Any, as long one identifies as queer

Word count: 3000-7000 words
One story submission per person
Submission Deadline: extended

Editor Sienna Saint-Cyr

Send submissions to with the subject line QUEERSINKILTS: your title.

Payment – 60% of net royalties split between authors.

Book will be available in print and ebook.

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Open call for Book It! – A Literary-Lover’s Anthology
Edited by Harley Easton and CM Peters

Take a peek between the pages with SinCyr Publishing. Editors Harley Easton and CM Peters want lovers of a bookish nature. Give us your best librarian, book dealer, first-edition collector, or bookstore owner. We don’t mind the stereotypical Marion the Librarian, but we’re excited to see other inspired options. Is your bibliophile actually an illiterate adult yearning to understand the written word? Could your ‘meet cute’ happen at the Little Free Library on the neighbor’s lawn? Whether they are snuggled in the cozy home book nook or trying to ignore the sexual tension during book club, give us characters we’d love to see jump off the pages and into our sheets.

These editors prefer storytelling with sensuality and depth. Characters should be relatable people facing real problems. If you choose to have sex scenes, focus on sex-positive characters and storylines that showcase healthy sex practices – consent is super sexy. Character diversity is encouraged. Write people of all different shapes, sizes, races, genders, and orientations. Be creative. Give your characters backgrounds and dialogue that move the story forward. Please, nothing illegal – rape, beastiality, pedophilia, etc.


Word count: 3k to 10k
Theme: Literary lovers (Book lovers, book collectors, anything books, as long as books are included)
Genre: Romance – can be historical, paranormal, contemp, etc. (can include sex but not an obligation) No erotica, please.
Pairing: any (M/F, M/M, F/F, multiple)
Heat Rating: Sweet to Sizzling, but not erotic
Submission limit: One story per author
Submissions Open: June 1, 2019
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2019

Send submissions to with the anthology name and your story title in the subject line. See submissions page for formatting details. Please send word docs.

Payment – 60% of net royalties split between authors. Book will be in print and ebook formats. 

“Shifting culture, one story at a time”

  • Standard Submission Format (
  • American English
  • Fully edited
  • Please provide a short bio, word count, and story description.
  • Also, please indicate if you use Google Drive or prefer MS Word (for editing purposes)