Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Royalties Only?

We are a new press and need to keep our costs low. This means paying royalties. Because of this, we are asking for shorter periods of exclusive rights.


Payment will be sent through PayPal in most cases. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we will find a way! Checks are always an option as well, though PayPal saves time and paper. So PayPal is the preferred method.

Our minimum payment threshold is $10 U.S. Dollars. Twice yearly (every six months) sales statements will be provided via email. After SinCyr Publishing has been paid by booksellers and authors have reached the $10 threshold, then we will pay our authors.

Unless otherwise noted, author payment is as follows:

novels – 50% of net royalties
novelettes – 50% of net royalties
nonfiction – 50% of net royalties
anthologies – 60% of net royalties split between authors
**Kickstarter projects will vary in payment depending on the terms of the project**

This information is also available on our Submissions page.

eBook and Print:

For novelettes and novellas, they will be eBook only if they are too short for print.

For novels, larger anthologies, and longer nonfiction books, we’ll be doing eBook and print books.

Eventually, we’ll be looking into audiobooks, but that will come down the road.