Impervious: Chronicles of a (semi-)Retired Deviant – by Janet W. Hardy

We’re delighted to announce that SinCyr Publishing has picked up Janet W. Hardy’s Impervious: Chronicles of a (semi-)Retired Deviant. Publication is scheduled for Spring of 2019!


About Janet ~

Janet W. Hardy is the author or coauthor of eleven groundbreaking books about relationships and sexuality, including The Ethical Slut (more than 160,000 copies sold to date, including the second edition published in 2009 by Ten Speed Press).

Janet has traveled the world as a speaker and teacher on topics ranging from ethical multipartner relationships to erotic spanking and beyond. She has appeared in documentary films (Slut, Beyond Vanilla, Vice and Consent, BDSM: It’s Not What You Think), television shows (SexTV, The Dr. Susan Block Show), and more radio shows than she can count.

Janet’s writing has appeared in publications as various as The Sondheim Review, Clamor and EIDOS. Her book Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals was a finalist for both the Lambda Literary Award and the Bisexual Book Award, and her essay “Ex” was a finalist in the Event and New Letters creative nonfiction contests. “The Portal,” a very personal essay about vaginas and their relationship to gender (which is not necessarily what one might think), appeared in Best Sex Writing 2010 (Cleis Press, 2009), and “The Old Folks At Home,” an essay about aging in an ambiguously gendered relationship, appeared in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Seal Press, 2010).

Janet serves as Editorial Director for Greenery Press, the firm she founded in 1992, as well as for Down There Press. She also runs The Active Voice, which offers editorial, event and promotional consulting.

She often fantasizes about being handcuffed to Stephen Sondheim’s piano.

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Featured Author Jill Webb


A Nose For Trouble is SinCyr’s first romance novella and we’re super excited about it! Here’s a bit about the author:

Besides reading and writing, Jill Webb fills her days with her dogs, cats, horses, and a day job in microelectronics.

A Nose meme 2

Lisa Wong-Osunbar is an amp – an amplified human with a super-human sense of smell. Lucent is also an amp, and one of the best spies in the business.

When their assignments from the National Bureau of Amplified Human Enforcement collide, they’re tasked with stopping a group of super-powered bank robbers intent on funding an unsettling political agenda.

As Lisa and Lucent uncover the rogue amps’ scheme, they must decide if they are sympathetic toward their aims and whether they’re going to complete the assignment they’ve been given.

And as if matters weren’t complex enough, Lisa must decide if the heat she’s feeling is coming from the line of fire or… her new partner.

Official book release is at Norwescon!

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Owning It Release Day!

The day has finally arrived! Owning It – Sexual Expression Book 3 is live and ready for purchase!



Owning who we are is powerful. By embracing our bodies and owning our desires, we best experience beautiful, sensual, and intense sexual expression.

The characters in Owning It love their bodies regardless of their physical limitations. In these pages, a Daddy and his ‘little’ explore the healing waters of a DD/lg dynamic. Others enjoy a wide range of sexual encounters and relationships from playful to intense, from straight to queer, from light to dark. These authors give us characters that truly own it.

Authors: Cecilia Duvalle, Andra Dill, Sienna Saint-Cyr, M. Marie, Tamara Lush, Jaap Boekestein, Erin Horáková, Tressa Rabbit, Terri Ley, AJ Fyler, Stephani Maari Booker, H. Pueyo, Sofia Greenwood, Megan Jennifer, and Sam Elmquist

Editors: Sienna Saint-Cyr, Rhiannon Rhys-Jones, and S.B. Roark
Copy Editor: Harley Easton

It takes a few days for print and ebook to link, so here are the separate links below.

ebook link:

print book link:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.19.52 PM

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Owning It Featured Author – Sienna Saint-Cyr


Sienna Saint-Cyr once wrote vanilla, mainstream fiction. For years, she suppressed her deep need to write about sex, BDSM, and what true consent means, but putting that naughty boy in a dress, pulling that cute blonde’s hair, or being cuffed to a cross was so much more… satisfying. In fiction, of course.

Along with writing erotica and romance, Sienna speaks at conventions, workshops, and for private gatherings on such sex-positive topics as a healthy body image, using sexuality to promote healing, and navigating diverse or non-traditional relationships. She writes for several websites.

Owning It releases March 24! Check out the pre-order on Amazon!

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Owning It Featured Author – Sofia Greenwood


Owning It releases March 24! Check out the pre-order on Amazon!

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Owning It Featured Author – Sam Elmquist


Sam Elmquist is an unabashedly queer, non-monogamous lover of weirdos, who pens her fantasies to life. When she’s not dreaming up dirty stories she enjoys spending time in her garden, reading, knitting, rock climbing, and experiencing the many pleasures of this world.

Owning It releases March 24! Check out the pre-order on Amazon!

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Owning It Featured Author – Cecilia Duvalle


Cecilia Duvalle is a writer, blogger, knitter and mother. She blogs, writes short and long fiction, and enjoys steamy electronic role-play. She edits the Blood in the Rain Series (Erotic vampire tales) and is currently at work on a paranormal shifter reverse-harem series set in the Pacific Northwest. She lives in suburbia near Seattle with her husband and two children.

Owning It releases March 24! Check out the pre-order on Amazon!

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