VISION ~ shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time ~

At SinCyr Publishing, we wish to provide relatable characters facing real problems to our readers, in the sexiest or most romantic manner possible. What does this mean to us? We want bodies of all shapes, sizes, physical ability, race, gender, relationship style, and sexual preference. Our intent is to offer a large selection of books to readers that cover topics ranging from sexual healing to sexual empowerment, to body positivity, gender equality, and more.

Erotica is amazing and we are all for our readers simply enjoying our content for spank material, but our ultimate goal is to provide educational and sex-positive characters and storylines. Too many of us experience body shaming, sexual shaming, and/or sexual abuse in our lives and we want to publish stories that allow people to connect to the characters and find healing. This means showing healthy BDSM practices and characters that understand consent and proper communication. The latter goes for the romance stories as well.

This can look like many things: a sci-fi with three consenting alien partners or a mainstream novel, where a sweet couple falls in love and struggles because they’re kinky and living in the Bible belt. No matter what the content is, our focus is on empowering our readers through our content. Which means even if aliens are the main characters, their problems need to be relatable to us as humans.

Most of us aren’t the popular, rich, athlete with the perfect body and charismatic demeanor. Most of us are awkward, have struggles, and we have to work on ourselves to find happiness and acceptance of who we are. Meeting our goal would mean that readers could find healing, knowledge, and/or empowerment through our books.


To provide sex-positive, body-positive, and sexually empowered characters and content to readers of our erotic and romantic fiction. To educate on topics ranging from non-traditional relationships to BDSM, consent, healing trauma, and more, for readers of nonfiction.