Book Release Day! – Fire For Two by Jill Webb

When a shadowy group of amplified rogues makes its move, NBAHE* agent Iona Sinclair is called to action. Her abilities with fire make her the ideal agent to shed light on the cabal’s secret plans.

But when she’s teamed with telepaths – cheery Sven and sweet, shy Carlos – things get complicated. Her partners’ abilities bind them closer than brothers, and Iona is drawn to both men – upsetting her equilibrium.

Will Iona’s need for connection – and dramatic physical release – damage the men’s bond and endanger their mission?
Will Iona burn it all down?

Or will fiery and unorthodox romance ensue?

*National Bureau of Amplified Human Enforcement

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About the author:

When not writing, Jill Webb reads, takes care of her horses, and works in micro-electronics. She lives in Oregon with assorted horses, dogs, and cats. The cats only interfere with the writing a little bit.

About authorsienna

Author * Speaker * Blogger - Authors tales of dark desires and hidden fantasies.
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