Announcing A Year Of Mr. Lucky by Meg Weber!

Jun 1, 8:47 pm
Hi, I’m Meg.
I’m a highly freckled, ethical slut seeking medium-commitment fun. I like to play (but not necessarily lose at) word games. The following bits from your profile caught my attention: exciting spankings, handcuffs, and your writerly love of books.

When Meg Weber – a recently divorced, queer, single parent – realizes she’s ready to date again, she comes across the profile of Mr. Lucky. He’s a smart dominant with similar interests, but not all goes as planned.

In her memoir, A Year Of Mr. Lucky, Meg takes us through her journey of erotic encounters, pain and pleasure, explorations of self-worth, submission, yearning, and healing.

“Owning me was written into the game, but not like this. Not a splintered heart and brittle distance. Not unmet longing. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.”

Photo by Natasha Komoda

Meg Weber writes memoir about sex, grief, love, family, therapy, and tangled relationships. Meg’s writing gives voice to the ways her life continues to unfold outside the boundaries prescribed for her. She is a queer mental health therapist who specializes in gender and sexuality, an adjunct instructor in counselor education, and a clinical supervisor. She lives in her hometown of Portland, Oregon with her teenager and their labradoodle named Portland.

A Year Of Mr. Lucky is up for presale in ebook format currently, but the print book is also on its way!

Buy now –>

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