Open Call for Scandalous!

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Open call for Scandalous
Edited by Zak Jane Keir

Oscar Wilde apparently said that the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about, and some people find being the focus of a scandal is their big break. Others would do almost anything to avoid exposure. Secrets, lies, taboo-busting antics and even the righting of wrongs can all be scandalous.

Scandalous is an upcoming erotica anthology to be edited and compiled by Zak Jane Keir (Rule 34 vols 1 & 2). Submissions on the theme of scandals and scandalous behaviour are required.

Stories between 2500 and 4000 words please. Any and all pairings (cishet or LGBTQ) welcome but no underage participants, bestiality, or incest please. In all sex or kink scenes, clear consent should be indicated. If you have a revenge/punishment scenario going on, please show that participants have a get-out option eg they are given a choice between taking their spanking or making amends another way, and that they choose the spanking. Your story should be sex-positive and free from bigotry. Contemporary realistic settings preferred, but historical/fantasy/sci-fi stories will be considered.

Send submissions to with the anthology name and your story title in the subject line. Please send word docs.

Submission deadline is DECEMBER 31, 2020. Deadline extended – stories due by January 31, 2021!

** Please use Times New Roman, 1″ margins, double-spaced, no space between paragraphs, use indent feature (NOT tab button on the keyboard) to indent.

“Shifting culture, one story at a time”

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2 Responses to Open Call for Scandalous!

  1. Question: are you allowed to submit two stories, or just one? It’s a broad theme and I would love to try two stories.:)


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