Book Release Day for The Light Prince!

Today is book release day for The Light Prince by Che Gilson!


A new twist on a classic fairy tale…

Princess Aminira of Qadarh is on a quest when she finds herself in the small kingdom of Lagobel. What starts as a resupply stop for her caravan becomes much more when she chances upon the cursed Prince Eadmund. Without emotional and physical gravity, Eadmund finds everything funny, even as he’s blowing away on a breeze, sending the court into a panic.

Despite his limitations, something about him tugs at Aminira’s heart. As they grow closer, their affections don’t go unnoticed, and the one that cursed him unfurls a new spell that just might end poor Prince Eadmund.

The princess already fled her own home to avoid destruction and now, she is faced with a similar decision. Will Princess Aminira stay and fight for her love or flee once again?

Available now from Apple, Kobo, Nook, Amazon, and more! –> Purchase Links

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