Release Day for Corrupted!


Corrupted: Erotic Romance for the Modern Age

Since the beginning of time, everything that has promised to liberate women has also been accused of corrupting them: suffrage, trousers, the pill, learning to drive…

In this collection, women recognize and reclaim their power in myriad ways. Whether in femdom dynamics and BDSM, or boardrooms and benchwarmers, CORRUPTED comprises a startling cross-section of stories defining what it means to be a woman in the modern world.

It’s not always pretty. 

Edited by, and featuring Charlie Powell, CORRUPTED contains nine powerful stories by Vanessa de Sade, Rebecca Chase, Sonni de Soto, Robin Juliet, Kiki DeLovely, Byron Cane, Erin Horáková and Zak Jane Keir.

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Available in print and ebook!

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