IMPERVIOUS: Confessions of a Semi-retired Deviant Cover Reveal!


Others have turned to Janet W. Hardy’s The Ethical Slut, The New Topping Book and The New Bottoming Book – for advice on the most challenging questions of sex, polyamory, kink, and self-identity.

But Janet had to make it up as she went. How did she do it? Well, as you might expect from the co-author of Sex Disasters… and How to Survive Them, it hasn’t all been roses (or thorns for that matter).

Here, in IMPERVIOUS: Confessions of a Semi-Retired Deviant, Janet takes you through the five twisty stages of her own kinky life – mirroring those of any good scene – negotiation, warmup, engagement, climax, and aftercare.

Delicious (and surprising) details await you inside. Bon Appétit!

Some presale links are already live! Check out the Books to Read link for presale locations! Release day is April 20, 2019! 


Insightful. Smart. Transparent. Informative. Hardy is a legend and she exposes her kink life bare so that your kink life may be better…

~ Race Bannon, Author, Activist and Organizer

Impervious is a clean, transparent reflection of a life of deviant sexuality that will inspire anyone to grasp their fantasies and give them respect—and maybe act them out.

~ Susie Bright

An odyssey beyond sex into the realms of the ecstatic where sex, enlightenment and death dance frighteningly close… A must read.

~ Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra and Ecstasy Is Necessary

Best sex memoir I’ve ever read. Soon to be an erotic classic and hopefully a major motion picture. Move over Shades of Grey! Janet Hardy is the real thing!

~ Annie Sprinkle, PhD., author of The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm: for every body

Before you start reading this book, put away your pearls and white gloves and make sure the children are out of the room. You are about to submerge yourself in the hottest, most educational journey about kink [or BDSM or sadomasochism – your choice – JH]. Janet beautifully and intelligently shares how she came to spend her life immersed in sexual play that will make even the most experienced reader blush.

~ Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity and Lush: A Memoir

Written by Janet W. Hardy
Foreword by Jillian Keenan
Edited by Sienna Saint-Cyr
Copy edits by Anna Sky
Cover by Lee Moyer
Photo credit Pat Kight


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