Kintsugi Featured Author John DeWeese

Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma releases January 1, 2019! Today’s featured author is John DeWeese. Presale links below!


John DeWeese is a husband and father, bipolar survivor, and professional writer who lives in University Place, Washington. He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where he has many fond memories of exploring the woods with his dad, Dallas, and visiting the library with his mom, Rita. He overcame intense bullying in middle school and the sudden death of his mom in high school. Rita DeWeese instilled in her son a love of learning and language, and she is missed every day.

John served as an analyst and non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, covered breaking news and feature stories as a newspaper reporter, marketed top games for Microsoft’s Xbox Division, and currently works in the public sector as a technical writer. He also writes freelance articles for Northwest magazines and is working on his first speculative novel.

John shares a hectic but awesome life with his wife, Kate, and son, Daniel. When he’s not practicing martial arts or writing, John enjoys nature walks with his wife, getting his butt kicked by his son in video games, and reading. He dedicates his story to all the survivors who have overcome trauma to lead amazing lives. Learn more about John at

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold (and other precious metals) to repair broken pottery. The ritual is complex, intentional, and contemplative. Upon completion, the once-broken vessels are made whole. They are stronger and possess a different type of beauty than before.

Kintsugi is the perfect metaphor for healing trauma.

Healing is multifarious. Not only does it require effort on the part of the survivor, but also those around them. The most effective healing takes place when there is a network of support. One where others can listen, witness pain, and hold space for the survivor.

This collection is designed to highlight the varying approaches to healing and to honor our individual needs along the way. Some authors are taking their first steps in these pages, while others share their successes in reclaiming their bodies, confidence, sexuality, and joy. Each story is unique – sometimes straightforward, but often counterintuitive (because if healing were simple or straightforward it would surely be easier).

Kintsugi is not for the faint of heart.

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