Consent is Sexy

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Consent is vital to SinCyr’s mission. Not just consent, but informed and enthusiastic consent. As a company, we see a lot of stories–and real-life scenarios–that are okay with blurry communication, unclear context, implied consent, pressuring people to the point they finally give in, even rape… and it shows us that our vision of shifting rape culture is vital to our growth as a society. Consent should be informed and enthusiastic. If it’s not, then it isn’t healthy consent.

‘No’ doesn’t mean ‘try harder’. ‘I’m not sure’ doesn’t mean ‘please force this on me since I’m not saying no’.

Let’s face it, healthy consent is sexy! I’ve never understood why ANYONE would want to be sexually intimate with a person that didn’t also desire sex. That just seems insane and dreadfully awful. Even in situations where a person is ‘giving in’ because they’re tired of repeating their ‘no’, it’s just not the same as someone super into fucking your brains out! There is something incredibly hot about a person showing enthusiasm that cannot be rivaled.

Informed consent is also sexy. If someone doesn’t know what they’re consenting to, it can’t be healthy consent either. Talking, good two-way communication, agreeing to what’s going to happen before it happens; all of this is sexy! And when you can agree before an action takes place, you are far less likely to run into issues of regret later.

We’re so used to seeing bad examples of consent that it’s easy to get caught up in that, but the truth is, good, healthy consent is both informed and full of excitement. We’re so proud of our authors and readers for taking part in this crucial journey and working so hard to shift rape culture with us. You are amazing lights in this world! ❤

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