Calling All Romance Writers!

vintage-635259_1920We’ve recently expanded our submission guidelines to include romance! That’s right, you can now submit romance to SinCyr Publishing! We’ll soon offer anthologies as well.

So what are we looking for in romance stories? Much the same as we have with our erotica. We want characters that understand healthy boundaries. We want characters with agency that love their bodies and own their sexuality (even if at the romance level). We want stories that illustrate good communication and proper consent during sexual scenes.

So send us your romantic stories or anthology ideas!


Please send queries, questions, or submissions to

Unless otherwise specified, royalties on all fiction and nonfiction are as follows:

novels – 50% of net royalties

novelettes – 50% of net royalties

nonfiction – 50% of net royalties

anthologies – 60% of net royalties split between authors

**kickstarter projects will vary in payment depending on the terms of the project

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